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Pet Resort
Apsan introduces a resort for our canine Friends

Apsan Canine Resort, invites all the Pets To a resorts meant only for them while their owners enjoy a vacation or weekend on their favorite resort.

Pet Owners have a right to expect first rate service from professional caregivers including boarding Kennel Owners.

Apsan introduces a resort for our Canine friend, a place where they will actually enjoy, instead of a place associated with noise, bad smells and stressed out animals. Set on 44,000 sq ft area, Apsan Canine Resort is designed with basically two things in mind

  • The hygiene & health of your pets
  • The comfort of people we want to visit the facility.

Although we plan to have your pets live inside their individual rooms, it gives us immense pleasure and happiness to see them play and run on the lush green lawn, just being themselves, something they cannot do in the city.


Pet Lodging and Boarding

A facility for pet owners to keep their pets when they are away for vacations or for any other reasons. This is also a change for the pets to socialize with other pets and have a good vacation like their owners.

A home away from home where they will receive individual care and attention.
The facility provides each pet with Individual Kennel, Fan, Insect Repellent and Room Heaters for required Season.

Four Exclusive Air-Conditioned Kennels for pets whose owners want their pets to Cool out on their vacation.

Other Services

Dog Training

A good trainer is one who can read a dog. The most important qualification of an instructor is the ability to communicate effectively with dogs and dog owners.

The instructors job is not only to train dogs but also to teach owners how to handle their dogs. Which is often a much more demanding and difficult task.

Helping dogs learn to obey their owners and owners learning to control their dogs, is for us a very satisfying experience. Apsan Canine Academy offers the below mentioned courses.

  • Basic Obedience
  • Advance Obedience
  • Personal Protection
  • Attack Training
  • Company & Property Protection


Breeding is an art. Responsible breeding is more than placing two dogs together and selling the results. Ultimately it is the individual breeders artistic impulse that holds the possibility of breed improvement and in a larger scope the improvement of purebred dogs.

Pick up & Drop Services

Just a phone call and Apsan offers Pickup & Drop Services for your 'Loveable Pet' at Reasonable Charges, which help you to save your Valuable Time.

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